by Rod Mulligan, Chairman Board of Directors

I would like to thank the entire membership for a successful 2008 season.  Carole would be proud of the membership's effort to "keep the light shining".  Let's keep the beam bright for the upcoming year of 2009 and beyond.


We desperately have the need for more members to become actively involved in the operation of the organization.  This is your organization and we need your input to keep it afloat. The current officers are trying to do what is best for everyone. 


Membership dues are an important part of our budget but not enough to carry us through the fiscal year to complete our mission.  Our outreach programs are a good way to raise revenue but due to lack of volunteers, the same reliable five or six people cannot cover two-day events such as Bay Days, the NJLHS Challenge, etc.  The participants in these events do like to spend money which is good for our organization.


On September 28, 2008, I attended a meeting of the NJLHS held at Fort Hancock which is part of the Gateway Recreational Commission where Sandy Hook Lighthouse is located.  The keeper's house has been turned over for use

by the NJLHS who have done a fantastic job making the facility very visitor friendly with a gift shop and a great museum.  There is a display dedicated to the Lighthouses of the Delaware Bay. 


It’s worth a trip, as there is a lot of history at Fort Hancock for everyone to enjoy. If you do venture a trip PLEASE! make an attempt to show your appreciation for the support that the NJLHS is giving to promote the Delaware Bay Lighthouses.


Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009.




Sharon Hewitt Membership Director

Gerald & Cynthia Flaven

127 Billings Avenue

Paulsboro, NJ 08066








Peggy’s Corner

By Peggy Stapleford

Always Searching

for Lighthouse



I just want everyone to know that I am always looking for Lighthouse and Keepers stories, also locations to visit or short trips to take.


Suggestions for our Annual Reunion Meeting any information relating to speakers you would like us to invite to our Membership meetings. By the time you read this column, we have had a successful Winter Meeting with the Members of the Tinicum Rear Range Lighthouse Society at the Paulsboro Sportsman’s Club.


Barnegat Lighthouse was re-lighted New Years Day on the 150th Anniversary. After being dark for close to 82 years


The Historic Overfalls Lightship should be back Lewes in time for our Spring Membership meeting at the Biden Center. Hopefully we can get to see her in early April.


New Jersey Lighthouse enthusiasts have to start a campaign to declare New Jersey’s Lighthouse Day. It worked in Florida. Gov. Charlie Crist signed a proclamation on September 20th. Relating to the heritage, history and tourism and those lighthouses play a significant role in the states economy.


Lighthouse Digest story gets national attention: News of a Cape Cod Lighthouse thought to have been destroyed in the early 1900’s has been found, still standing, all the way in California, off San Francisco Bay ONLY!

Readers of Lighthouse Digest got the full story. If you don’t subscribe to Lighthouse Digest you’re missing some terrific lighthouse and keepers and current day history in the making. Plus restoration projects in the works.


Would you like to serve on our Board of Directors?

Elections take place in March. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone, please submit your information to:

SHARON HEWITT Membership Director.

 At 132 E. Olive St. Westville, NJ 08093 or E-mail her at